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Code Name: Ayalon--- It’s Personal

An open letter from Laurel Fairworth

Visiting Israel two years ago with a group of two hundred, I discovered a well kept secret.  My trip to the Ayalon Museum was the highlight of our journey through this land of highlights.  The story that was told at this museum personally captivated me.  I actually was so excited,  I had a hard time sleeping.  Upon returning home to the States, I discovered that several of the original workers and the military leaders are still alive.  It has since become my passion to capture their daring feat firsthand, before it’s too late and to share it with the world.

To accomplish my mission, I have aligned myself with Michael Lopatin of the Marlo Group, who I believe can help me satisfy my dream to tell this story in a compelling way.  Michael has many years in the film industry and we are both excited to bring the Ayalon story to the screen.  Our plan is to work with MprM a well-connected PR firm in LA that has successfully represented movies The Pianist, Traffic, Brokeback Mountain, Gladiator, sex, lies and videotape, and television programs Friends, NCIS, the Voice and Jimmy Kimmel Live to name a few.   With their connections and knowledge we are confident that we will be able to position the documentary so that it will be seen by a maximum number of viewers. I am thrilled to be able to tell you that we have also enlisted the support and expertise of  New York based distribution Fisher Klingenstein who will assist in reaching out to various online retail platforms like Amazon, iTunes, and Hulu.  The use of social media and blogs greatly expands the outreach of movies and videos competing for eyeballs in the current landscape and Fisher Klingenstein will be important allies in this arena, getting our show seen by as many as possible.


Clearly this story offers a great message, one that we’ll further disseminate by offering it to non-profit Jewish groups, Holocaust organizations, universities and synagogues for programming and teaching purposes.  Our documentary will be a way to forever preserve this important period in the infancy of the Jewish state and to honor the young people of the  Ayalon munitions factory.  The Jewish National Fund, a 501( c ) ( 3 ) has agreed to serve as our fiscal sponsor,  so all contributions will be tax deductible.